Install Sub-Zero, a Plex Plug-in Based on Subliminal to Download Subtitles

Shows the steps to download, install and configure the Plex plugin Sub-Zero to download localized subtitles.

Releases · pannal/Sub-Zero.bundle

Navigate to and then click on the download link for the latest and greatest version.

Copy the files to your Plex Plug-ins folder

Extract the zip file on your computer and then upload it to your Plex server. In this case it is a Synology NAS server so the target directory is: /volume1/Plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins.

Another installtion option is to Dockerize Plex and then share folders between the container and host. This folder can be on a shared NAS folder where you keep the configuration and other shared folders are your actual media locations. In my case, I share the entire Library folder, where the plug-ins folder is easily accessible.

Enable the Sub-Zero plugin

Browse to your Plex web page and navigate to Home -> Settings -> Server -> Agents

  1. Choose the category you want to add the subtitle functionality to.
  2. Enable and move to the top (before Local Media Assets)
  3. Click on the settings to configure


Preferably set the agent to periodically make sure your library is up-to-date. You can also explicitly update by refreshing the metadata from within the web client.

  1. Click to refresh the metadata
  2. Select the appropriate language after successful match and download