Index Website With Google

To help Google index your blog, use one of several sitemap plugins and point your Google Webmaster service to the sitemap xml.

Install Hexo plugin hexo-generator-seo-friendly-sitemap

$ npm install hexo-generator-seo-friendly-sitemap --save

Add configuration to the Hexo configuration

Add configuration to _config.yml

Create a robots.txt

Add a robots.txt file to the root folder.

Google Webmasters

Register with Google Webmaster Central

Submit your sitemap url to Google for verification, log into Google Webmaster Central using your Google account.

Verify domain ownership with Google Webmaster Central

Using alternate verification of DNS TXT record

I’m using CloudFlare to front the website.

Register site in the Search Console

Search Console

Adding a sitemap reference to the Crawler

Have Google crawl your website by registering your sitemap.xml to the Crawler

Waiting to be indexed…

You may not see the data immediately, but after Google finish indexing your website (about half a day), you can see your website status (like Crawl errors, Search Analytics etc.).

Verify robots.txt