Install Sshpass on OSX

Ever needed to run ssh commands from a non-interactive shell, and not being able to use keys? Well sshpass is what you need!

I use it for running ssh commands from Automator scripts on OSX. It is quite similar in function to Putty’s Pageant handling of keys.


Please not that Xcode is required to compile as we download the source, which works on most *nix systems.

Download the source files

curl -O -L http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/sshpass/sshpass/1.06/sshpass-1.06.tar.gz && tar xvzf sshpass-1.06.tar.gz

Prepare for make

cd sshpass-1.06

make and install

sudo make install

Command parameters

Usage: sshpass [-f|-d|-p|-e] [-hV] command parameters
-f filename Take password to use from file
-d number Use number as file descriptor for getting password
-p password Provide password as argument (security unwise)
-e Password is passed as env-var "SSHPASS"
With no parameters - password will be taken from stdin

-P prompt Which string should sshpass search for to detect a password prompt
-v Be verbose about what you're doing
-h Show help (this screen)
-V Print version information