Install Nvm as a Oh-My-Zsh Plugin

Install nvm custom oh-my-zsh plugin

git clone []( ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/zsh-nvm

Add to plugin list

Make sure to place the plugin close to the top, in case other plugins rely on nvm/npm.

Add the nvm plugin to get tab completion goodies

Lazy load nvm

If you want to lazy load nvm, you can add this line before loading the zsh-nvm plugin. This will speedup the loading of zsh, but nvm will be loaded when it is required, thus delaying that initial run.

First time kicks off installation of nvm

The first time you launch, the plugin will initialize and install the nvm environment.

Tab completion

If you also installed the nvm plugin, tab will now be an ever more magical key.

Upgrade nvm

The zsh-nvm plugin adds helper methods, such as nvm upgrade.

nvm upgrade

List available nodejs versions

To list available nodejs versions to install.

nvm ls-remote

Install latest nodejs version

nvm install v9